BBC Radio Programmes Featuring Honey Bees, Plants, and Pollination.

Beelistener’s favourite pot plant

Radio Programmes.

I’ve enjoyed listening to these progammes which are still available for you to access. The Kew Garden series was particularly interesting because I’ve had several visits there over the years and I’m fascinated by the history surrounding the early plant collectors.

Sheila Dillon presents The Food Programme where UK commercial honey packing and food fraud is discussed.

In another Food Programme presentation, Sheila Dillon discusses urban beekeeping from around the world.

Commerical beekeeping in the US which includes interviews with bee farmers and two scientists, Randy Oliver and Sue Cobey.

“Bees, Seeds and Diseases” discusses pollination and the environment.

Here’s another excellent one on pollination.

Kathy Willis from Kew directs this wonderful series about plants called “Plants-From Roots to Riches”, and is available in 5 Omnibus presentations.

4 thoughts on “BBC Radio Programmes Featuring Honey Bees, Plants, and Pollination.”

  1. Brilliant Ann. I download a lot of podcasts so these will be great to add to my library. The only time I hear anything about beekeeping on the radio is in “The Archers” when there is some sort of throw away comment about once a year.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. I’m glad you found this post useful. Most folk probably watch television programmes about beekeeping, but as you know I don’t have a telly so rely on radio. I like the way the Archers broadly covers current events and social situations in an agricultural community. I think we have probably heard all we shall about beekeeping for a while unless the Asian hornet appears in Ambridge!

    2. I am a beekeeper and received a request from the sound recordist for ‘The Archers’ wanting a sound clip of buzzing bees. ” You are in luck, I have just had a phone call from a school in Leamington asking me to remove a swarm of bees from under a picnic bench in the playground”

      All the children had been seated on tiered benches like a football terrace in the glass sided school hall. as the headteacher, sound recordist and I headed across the playground the bees took off and landed on a parking meter in town.

      We went to one of my own hives to get the buzz of the bees

      1. Hello Mike, welcome to beelistener, and thank you for sharing this amusing story with us. I often listen to The Archers whilst cooking in the evenings and my ears prick up when bees are mentioned. I will keep a special ear out for your bees buzzing.

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