This is a collection of radio interviews and podcasts with different experts talking about bees and beekeeping. (Photo by Isra Aali / —My friend Jon Zawislak, Apiculture Instructor at University of Arkansas, gives several interesting podcasts aimed at new beekeepers. He starts with the fascinating history of bees in our world and the development of beekeeping.

Building a better bee on BBC 4 — The decline of honey bees may need radical solutions. Martha Kearney examines whether genetic modification or robotics could stop the potential collapse of the world’s crops.

The brutal and beautiful world of Australia’s native bees on Conversations, ABC Radio — Toby Smith is a bee researcher immersed in the world of Australia’s native bees. There are more than two thousand species but only eleven of those make honey. While studying to become a bee researcher, Toby spent time in the cloud forests of Panama searching for orchid bees.

Can wild honey bees save the beekeeping industry from collapse? on Late Night Live, ABC Radio National — Without the honey bee, humanity would starve to death as they provide nearly half of all pollination services in the world. Commercial bee hives are threatened from overcrowding and disease. Can wild honey bees save the beekeeping industry from collapse?

Bees! on Science Friday podcast– For the hobby beekeeper, there’s much to consider when homing your first domestic honey bee colonies—what kind of hive to get, where to put them, where to get your bees, and how to help them survive the winter. Featuring interviews with Thomas D. Seeley and Elina L. Niño of the University of California Davis.

Plants. The history, pollination, the economic value of plants and more in 5 omnibus episodes. A BBC Radio 4 series featuring Kathy Willis from Kew Gardens.

Colony Thirst and Water Collection, webinar presentation, by Professor Tom Seeley. (This is available for one year from Sept 2020)

Beekeeping Today Podcast The podcast for the latest beekeeping news, information and entertainment for today’s beekeeper. Hosts Jeff Ott and Kim Flottum bring you interviews and commentary helping you become a more informed and knowledgeable beekeeper.

Honeybee Obscura Podcast Short, in-depth review of all things honey bees with hosts, Kim Flottum and Jim Tew.