The Bee Apprentice Prepares for Queen Marking.

Connie marks a drone

Spring Queen Marking.

I mark all my queens in Spring when I’m more likely to find them, but also before drones are produced. The bees are unlikely to reject newly marked queens when producing a new one will not be easy, if at all possible for them. In the past, I have lost newly marked queens in summer. I’ve found them dead outside the hive entrances. Our Scottish weather is so unpredictable that it may not be possible for some new queens to get properly mated late in the season. When we find drone laying queens in spring this is often the reason.

Connie Wants to Learn How to Mark Queens.

Despite an overly large bee suit (we have trouble with the zip fastener in her suit) Connie manages to see out through the veil. At first she find drones challenging to pick up due to the noise and wing vibrations, but she soon gets the knack of picking them up by the wings with her right hand and offering them her left index finger. The drone grips her finger and she slides her left thumb over at least two of his legs anchoring him in a firm grip.

Nice job!
Happy Beekeeper

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